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100% traceable, stone-milled organic flour & grains delivered to you


Fixing our flour means going back to basics.

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Flour not to be feared

We mill flour the old-fashioned way to serve you nutrition, flavour and unreal freshness.

Experience the beauty of clean grains, traditionally milled to preserve the vitamins and minerals that your body loves. Unlike conventionally milled grains, we don’t compromise our flour’s taste or nutritional value with synthetic vitamins, bleach, or additives.

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Proudly providing a better version of your basic pantry essentials.

Our gorgeous Austrian stone mill is an Ostttiroler Getreidemuhlen original, handcrafted from stone and pinewood. We gently grind our grains the slow and simplistic way, producing freshly milled ‘living flour’.

Trace our flour right back to the
clean soil in which it grew up


Eric Kjinserdahl

KJED Farms
Nanton, AB

Will Robins

Maida Vale Farms
Laura, SK

Marc Loiselle

Loiselle Organic Farm
Vonda, SK

Better Basics Standards

Locally Sourced

You can trace your flour right back to the clean soil in which it grew up.  

Organic & Non-GMO

No pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, synthetic vitamins, or bleach here!

Always Small Batch

You will taste the difference in quality and enjoy brag-worthy baking results. 

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