Better Basics Milling Company

Our Farmers

The local farmers that we partner with.

We exclusively source our grains from local and organic farms, supporting passionate farmers in our communities and your health in the process.

Marc Loiselle

Marc Loiselle farms - Vonda, Sask

Marc Loiselle farms organically in Vonda, Saskatchewan on an idyllic 1400 acre farm. An intergenerational family farm, the Loiselle Organic Farm has been in the Loiselle family for 113 years. Marc is a tireless advocate for preserving landrace wheat varieties, including Red Fife, and Marquis wheat. He is also a member of the Slow Food movement.

Will Robins

Maida Vale Farms, Laura, Sask

A fourth generation farmer, Will farms with his parents near Laura SK. Maida Vale Farms was one of the first certified organic grain and bean farms in the region, and has been certified organic for more than 20 years.They are committed to local, organic, sustainable food production.

Eric Kjinserdahl

KJED Farms, Nanton Alberta

In 2017, Eric proudly went certified organic. For as long as he can remember, his dad was always passionate about the health of the soil, plants, and the communities he served, which has significantly impacted the way Eric manages the land and farm today. He says he is always learning and trying new things to expand his knowledge and create sustainable and better ways to farm.Because different crops and rotations are paramount for soil health, he grows various crops including the beautiful and clean hard red spring wheat that we use in our flours.