Better Basics Milling Company

My story

Hi, I’m Alyssa, and I’ve struggled with food-related health issues for years.

When the conventional treatment for food sensitivities failed me, I turned to elimination diets. Yet, restricting my diet didn’t fully relieve my inflammation, fatigue, and bloating either. No one, not even my Doctors, could tell me what was making me sick.

Every day, I felt terrible. What’s worse, I was putting so much pressure on myself as a mom to do better for my family. I always did my best to cook healthy and wholesome meals, but I doubted myself because everyone in the food and health industry had something different to say about which foods were good and bad. Sound familiar?

One ingredient changed the way I looked at food

It all started when my neighbour gifted me a loaf of homemade bread made of the organic flour that she had milled herself. She explained to me how stone-milled flour was nutritionally superior and incredibly different from conventional flour, even organic. I usually avoided gluten, but I thought, what the heck, I’ve tried everything else under the sun.

So I went for it, I took a bite and…nothing. No reaction. Nada. But why? I was the master of elimination diets, spending years working through digestive distress. I took a long hard look at the foods I was eating and when I did, I realized that maybe it wasn’t the food but the chemicals and the processing of the foods that made me feel so ill. I started milling my own clean and organic stone milled flour and it changed the way I looked at food forever. My diet now consists of whole foods with everything in moderation. Flour phobia no more! It feels empowering to have complete confidence and trust in the food I feed my family.  I want my traditionally made flour to inspire other families to cook and bake food they’re proud to put on their table.

“That’s why I created Better Basics – it’s
a better version of your basic pantry essentials.”

The power of stone-milled flour