Better Basics Milling Company


Our organic Red Fife is grown by one of our incredible farmers Marc Loiselle in Vonda, SK. Marc’s farm is multi-generational and has been in operation for 115 years. He and his family are passionate organic farmers and take pride in the quality of their products.

Red Fife has been making a comeback in the artisan baking community and is known for its complex taste, non-hybridization, and high gluten content. Your rustic-style loaves of bread, pancakes, and artisan pastries will benefit from a serious boost in healthiness and tastiness. Enjoy a beautifully rich texture to your bread, with earthy and robust flavours.


Grain type: Red Fife

Extraction: 100%

Protein: 12.5%






Farmer: Marc Loiselle

Farm: Loiselle Organic Farm

Origin: Vonda, SK



Whole wheat flour, including bread, pastries, cookies and pancakes.