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Simple, Same Day Sourdough Pizza

Simple, Same Day Sourdough Pizza

“This is the one time I can confidently say that I ate an entire pizza and DID NOT feel bloated or sick after it” - my neighbour Matt

Now here is a recipe you are going to want to save. I often find myself coming back to this (almost every week) because it is a simple, delicious, and easy-to-execute dough recipe that my whole family loves – and it’s made from our Better Basics Flour & Sourdough starter which means all organic naturally nutritious and fermented ingredients in the crust, making it easier for you to digest. Perfect for a fun weekend with friends or family pizza night.

Pro Tip: double the recipe and make extra pizzas, cool and freeze for easy weekday dinners when you are in between juggling extracurriculars for the kids, laundry, and life. 

This recipe yields two 12’’ pizzas or three 9’’ individual pizzas.


-500 g better bread flour
-350 g filtered water
-125 g active Sourdough starter
-10 g salt


-In your mixer, add water and starter and mix together. If you don't have a mixer, you can do this with a bowl and dutch dough whisk as you would a sourdough loaf.

-Add flour and salt and incorporate with a dough hook until completely combined. Let the mixer do its thing on med/low for a couple mins.  

-With a silicone scraper, scrape down the sides of the bowl, cover and let sit for 30 mins.

-After 30 minutes you'll start your series of stretches and folds. Pulling the dough from the sides, into the middle. You will do this until you have completed 5 sets of stretch and folds.

-After your last set of stretch and folds you will cover your dough and let it sit 2 hours on the counter or until it has risen 30-50%. 

-When your dough is ready, scrape it out onto your counter and cut into 3 equal portions. Each portion is usually around 250-275g of dough.

-Roll each ball into a ball and set the ones aside you are not working with, cover with plastic wrap until you are ready to shape them into pizzas.

-Working with one dough ball, use your floured hands to pull the dough gently into a circular form. Holding it up and allowing gravity to do its thing is my go to.

-If using a pizza oven, generously flour your pizza peel, put your dough on top and dress your pizza. Cook on high for 2-3 mins. If using an oven, or pizza stone, cook as you would a normal pizza.

Example Timeline

11:30 am- begin mixing dough, let rest 30 mins

12:30 am- 1st  set of stretch and folds

1:00 pm- 2nd set stretch and folds

1:30 pm- 3rd set stretch and folds

2:00 pm- 4th set stretch and folds 

2:30 pm- 5th set stretch and folds 


4:30 or later- begin to prepare your pizzas

** I highly recommend doubling this recipe and making 6-8 pizzas at a time. I personally cook and then freeze them for days when I'm in need of a  quick meal. They freeze perfectly and turn out just as good every time!

Watch me make this recipe HERE



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