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Keeping Your Freshly Milled Flour Fresh! 

Keeping Your Freshly Milled Flour Fresh! 

Freshly milled flours are incredible, especially compared to your typical grocery store flour. The taste, the smell… ahhhhh, I could go on, but there truly is nothing quite like freshly milled flour.

What gives our flour the robust taste and smell, you ask? Unlike those standard flours we’ve come accustomed to, our flours contain all the naturally occurring oils in the whole grains we mill.

What does that mean? When we mill your flour, we do not remove all the bran and germ like your regular white flour. This is where the robust taste and diverse nutritional profile live. Giving you flour that not only tastes amazing but feels amazing. 

Where to store your flour

Pantry, fridge or freezer

Let's clear up the confusion. With freshly milled grains you run the risk of your flour going rancid quicker as the naturally occurring oils from the germ are not removed. Storing your flour in the fridge or freezer slows down this process. Keeping it cool in your fridge or freezer will guarentee freshiness and ultimate nutrition. With that being said, your flour is shelf-stable for up to 6 months. 

When storing in your fridge or freezer, I highly recommend putting your flour into a plastic container or placing the whole package into a ziplock bag to help reduce the risk of your flour taking on the taste of whatever is inside your fridge.